Seams Friendly

Seams Friendly advocates body positivity, they believe that well-made designer wear should be for all body types – lean, plus-size, petite, tall, and everything in between. They consciously choose to work only with natural materials. They’re gentle on your skin, and the planet. 

Functionality and utility are underrated in clothing, especially for women and they as a brand  want to make dressing up an ‘easy’ delight. They offer a true to size-inclusive affordable designer clothing range for women of all sizes, around-the world.


Seams Friendly is rated as Valuable as their clothing is made locally and manufactured on a custom order basis. The clothing is made from 100% natural fabrics procured through a partially traceable supply chain.

₹ 500 - ₹ 8000 & above


Seams Friendly’s clothes are made of natural vegan fabrics. Their artisanal and handcrafted products are locally on a custom order basis.


The brand’s production process is low carbon impact and waste free. They provide their employees with a fair living wage and emergency financial aid.


Seams Friendly uses minimal plastic, using only bubble wrap or plastic tape during shipping.