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Elevate your everyday mood by allocating a few moments of quiet reflection to practise mindful rituals as a positive addition towards self development. Let our products help you clear your mind, take some time to relax and unwind. Practise living slowly!

DISCLAIMER: Please note that our products are designed to contribute to your well being and NOT as a substitute to medical therapy.



The fabrics we use are deadstock, recycled cotton that are sourced from local vendors only. Our pillows are hand-dyed with all natural elements such as herbs, flowers and plant leaves. The paper used in our stationery products are 100% recycled, FSC certified and sourced from Lenzing Papier. While the printing ink used is environmentally friendly, procured from Sakata Inx. Our skincare range contains 100% natural ingredients, free of any damaging chemicals.


We source recycled cotton fabrics that are dyed using handmade methods that ensure less resource utilisation as compared to machine production. In order to reduce wastage, we only make our products in limited quantities. We also provide adequate salaries to our employees and have made partnerships that add value to marginalised communities. (See below)


We are committed to continuously improve our packaging standards to avoid pollution of unsustainable materials. We have eliminated almost all traces of plastic in our packaging and water activated tape, biodegradable product labels from handmade paper. We also optimize the carbon footprint of our shipments by always using brown mailers and choosing cardboard boxes only when required. 




Our commitment to sustainability widens beyond just making sustainable goods. We also ensure that our impact extends towards amplifying social causes as well. 

We have partnered with a social enterprise with a sustainable business model, focussing on women empowerment for an underserved community in Delhi. The organization was created to provide a dignified livelihood by transforming waste-pickers into artisans. 

Along with supporting environmental sustainability, this NGO has offered stable employment and trained over 120 women with valuable skills. Through our partnership, we have collaboratively created products to help improve the welfare of the women and their community.