Born with the spirit of living with less, “dhaaga” is an environmentally and socially conscious brand. They believe in unifying comfort with beauty and community while following a zero plastic and zero waste philosophy. They offer plant based, 100% linen clothing, home furnishing and accessories. Linen as a fabric is gentle on the skin, long lasting, antibacterial and gets softer with every wash.

Dhaaga hopes to spread awareness and create a community of conscious consumers who can create quality of sustainable fashion. The brand’s pieces are intended to be timeless, so that they can continue to breathe life into your wardrobe as trends come and go. Dhaaga is for all seasons- who they are now, what they are becoming, and what they hope to attain. They practise radical creativity, revolutionary beauty, and a future that is self-sustaining.


Our rating for Dhaaga is Valuable as the fabrics used in their collections are eco friendly and handcrafted. The brand has uplifted a community of conscious consumers who can identify and appreciate the hard work, craftsmanship and quality of sustainable fashion. 

₹ 2000 - ₹ 5000


All of Dhaaga products are made from 100% organic linen fabric that is sustainably sourced. Their environment friendly dyes are GOTS certified.


Dhaaga is a zero waste brand. They re-use all their fabric and pattern paper waste. Their katrans are sold to a manufacturer who uses them to make beds and pillows. They provide fair wages and other employee benefits.


All their products come in a muslin bag, their tags are made of jute rope and handmade paper, packed in a mailer made from corn starch that is 100% biodegradable.