Love Change

Love Change prides itself in working with only organic, ethically sourced and exotic hand-woven fabrics dyed using only natural-herbal dyes with a transparent supply chain. Sustainability, eco-consciousness, sensitivity and awareness are interwoven into the design, sourcing and development of each hand-made piece made from hand-woven fabrics on traditional handlooms. 

At present, the brand offers women’s clothing, accessories, table linens and bath essentials. They are directly involved in the sourcing of all materials and on principle, meet with the handweavers and hand crafters and interact with them as often as possible. Their design team believes in evolving fashion trends to determine fashion waves of a decade, not a season.


We rate Love Change as Valuable as the fabrics used in their products are GOTS Certified Organic and OEKO-Tex Certified. Promoting slow fashion with a focus to create pieces that resonate with the conscious consumer, the brand works directly with artisans and like-minded business partners who adhere to their values of fair pay and ethical employment.

Fashion & Home
₹ 5000 - ₹ 8000 & above


Love Change sources handpicked yarns woven into fabric by experienced artisans on handlooms in a transparent, sustainable and ethical supply-chain.


Their cutting process works on the minimal wastage model, fabrics that are left over are then turned into packaging bags. They support fair living wages and provide employees with emergency financial aid.


Love Change’s packaging is biodegradable made with recycled paper wrap and/or stuffing.