Popea is a responsible womenswear brand born out of the need to provide fashionable but ethical and responsible clothing to women without breaking their bank account. With a key focus on being sustainable, they keep checking and asking themselves at every stage how their processes from the fibre to garment stage impact all those involved – including you.

Popea designs contemporary pieces that are fashion-forward but are made by tweaking what is trendy, so it becomes a piece you can keep wearing even when the trend wears off. They also produce very limited pieces and usually do not restock pieces once they are sold out. This ensures that what you own remains unique.


Popea is rated as Valuable as they use certified organic cotton and environment-friendly dyes. Their production is limited batch, zero waste and they are working towards making their packaging plastic free.

₹ 1000 - ₹ 3000


Majority of Popea’s clothing is made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. All the dyes used to print on the fabric are AZO free and OEKO-TEX® certified.


Popea’s production is outsourced. They make hair ties with leftover fabric. They sell garments with defects in the imperperfections section on their website at cost price to reduce wastage.


Popea uses minimal plastic in their packaging. Most of their packaging is done using recycled paper.