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“Mom burnout” is real

A study from Maven and Great Place to Work revealed that about 9.8 million working moms reported experiencing burnout, almost 30% more than working fathers. Studies also show that mom burnout is influenced by parenting stress, efficacy, depression, and spousal support.

While research has confirmed “mom burnout” to be a real phenomenon, the pandemic has further amplified the experience for mothers as they juggle multiple roles and responsibilities, which has caused exhaustion, emotional fatigue, and feeling overwhelmed. The symptoms of burnout may include irritability, lack of motivation, decreased patience, and feelings of guilt. The good news is that recognizing and addressing mom burnout is possible through practising self-care.

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Self-care is especially crucial for new moms during postpartum and recovery as they adjust to the new role. The first few weeks after giving birth can be physically and emotionally demanding. Even when you want to prioritise the baby, it is essential that you also spend time taking care of your health and wellness so that you can be there for your little one. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of practising self-care for moms and tips on how to incorporate it into your routine.

Benefits of self-care for moms

Simple activities like taking a walk, doing yoga, or taking a few deep breaths can significantly impact your health and well-being. Taking a break for self-care can help you feel more relaxed and rejuvenated and help you be more present with your family.

As a mom, getting things done can be hard when constantly stressed and overwhelmed. Taking care of yourself makes you feel refreshed and energised, making you more productive. Moreover, self-care activities such as practising affirmations can encourage positive self-talk and improve your relationship with yourself. And when you can care for your needs, you are better equipped to care for
others. Moms who practise self-care can better communicate, show empathy, and build stronger connections with their partners, kids, and friends.

Taking care of yourself can be extremely challenging when you already have many responsibilities, between caring for the kids and balancing a career or managing the household. A common difficulty for many moms is to find the time to practise self-care, as busy schedules can make it seem impossible.

Tips on making time for self-care

1. Find a few minutes for yourself each day. Start with spending five minutes doing an activity that you love. This could be taking a relaxing bath with these rejuvenating products or sitting back and enjoying quiet relaxation with an eye pillow.

2. Learn to say no. Being able to say no can be empowering and healthy in many situations. For instance, you can start by saying no to unwanted visitors and the expectation of a sparkly clean home.

3. Ask and accept help. Take support from your partner, family, or friends who can help with childcare or household duties while you get your uninterrupted self-care time.

4. Talk it out. Avoid holding on to stress and keeping things to yourself. Find a trusted person whom you can share your feelings with.

5. Take bigger steps. Slowly increase the time you spend on self-care.

It is also essential to let go of the idea, and the people who make you feel that self-care for moms is selfish. Instead, seek out more supportive people who can understand parenthood’s struggles and encourage you to prioritise your emotional and physical needs.

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Written by, Angelica Cardoza

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