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You may be familiar with the magic of manifestation, widely discussed all over the Internet. More than just another trend, manifestation is an art that can really help you get what you desire. 

It’s all about aspiring thoughts and bringing your goals to life by simply believing you have already accomplished them. When you manifest, you put your intention towards something you want and see it come true.

So what does manifesting require? 

There are multiple answers to this question. While some online sources would ask you to leave comments or save an audio to manifest something, others would suggest you begin by spiritually connecting with the universe. Continue reading for an easy step-by-step guide to manifesting anything. 

Does manifesting really work? 

Thinking positive thoughts can help you to some extent, but there is a lot more to this ritual. Adding some extra steps to manifesting like developing an action plan, for instance can increase your chances of success.

In simple words, manifesting + setting an action plan= getting anything you want! 

You have the ability to change anything if you only shift our mindset. Through the practice of intentional living, we can gain clarity of our actions and emotions.The clearer you are with what you want and how you want to get there, the easier it will be to manifest your dreams. 

Here’s how you can manifest anything you put your mind to:

1. Set your intention

Be clear and specific about what you want. The more clear, the better. We highly suggest you take one goal at a time for better focus.

2. Write it down 

Once you’ve set your goal, write it down. Creating a vision board, future box or saying your intentions out loud are some great ways to manifest something you desire. This is simply because keeping your intention in front of you will always remind you of why you started.

3. Ask yourself why

Knowing the purpose behind each goal is an important step to manifest. It helps set realistic and important goals, motivating you to continue with the process.

4. Create an action plan

Ask yourself how you will get there. To create an action plan, you simply break down your goals into smaller steps that are more achievable. An action plan is your path towards your goal. For instance, someone with a goal to “focus on self-care” may include steps such as journaling, mood-tracker, digital detox and daily reading in their action plan.

5. Schedule time for action plan

After you create your action plan, you can set aside some time for each task. This will help you establish a healthy routine and track how far along you have come.

6. Think positive thoughts

Here is where manifesting plays a role. Thoughts help shape reality. Let go of limiting beliefs and negative self-talk.

7. Raise your vibrations

Positive energy attracts all kinds of positivity. You can shift your energy by focusing on small activities that cultivate joy, whether it is helping a loved one or spending time with yourself. Activities such as morning meditation and journaling can be great mood-shifters.

8. Use affirmations in present tense

Switch from “I want” to “I have”. This is because you want to attract what you want in the present and not in the future (which is not here yet)

9. Journal for extra points

When you try journaling, you start to get more specific about what you want. It gives you clarity. Ask yourself questions about this dream that you are manifesting. Dive into details.

10. Trust the process

Remember that manifesting something is not as simple as posting a comment on a video. There are no instant results. It takes consistency with time to reach your goals so trust your actions and be patient all along.

While you may not get what you want in the order and time frame that you expected, be grateful for how far along you have come. A gratitude journal can help acknowledge what comes your way.

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Written by, Angelica Cardoza


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