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With Friendship day right around the corner, it’s time to look at ways you can celebrate the bond that you share and shower them with love.

1. Gift an experience:

Be it an old cafe you both share fond memories with or a newer experience like trying a trampoline park or a pottery workshop, giving your friend a fun experience as a gift can never go wrong. In the end, friendship day is about celebrating and spending time with that friend who means the world to you.

2. Create a self-care hamper:

Who doesn’t love some skincare? Put together a self-care hamper with products that they love or try something new with The Good Route. We’re sure they’ll love this 100% natural Nourishing Ubtan made with the goodness of saffron, rose and sandalwood. 

Speaking of self-care, you can also add this Rejuvenation eye pillow and turn this gift into a skincare session for both of you.

3. Try something old-school:

How about a mixtape with some tracks that remind you of them? It’s 2022 but we sure do love old-school gifts: from handmade crafts like the old-school friendship bands to cute greeting cards and letters. Such gifts can make Friendship day even more special for them.

4. Visit a flea market:

Find out about the flea markets or thrift store pop-ups in your vicinity and take your friend for a fun day-out. These flea markets showcase small businesses for clothing, skincare, accessories, tarot reading and so much more! Some would even include musical performances. Looking for a memorable experience? Visiting a flea market is the way to go!

5. Introduce them to mindful living:

Something as simple as these Self Love Affirmation Cards can be an uplifting gift for your friend. These cards have a low environmental impact and encourage mindful living habits- we know they will simply love it!

We hope you’ve found the perfect gift for your friend. If you’re still looking, click here for some great sustainable gifting options that are definitely worth it! Click here to know more about sustainable brands and learn more about conscious living.

Written by, Angelica Cardoza

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